My preferred way of working is to provide on-site support to clients with major projects with the aim of making rapid improvements to their risk management capability. An important secondary aim is to transfer relevant skills to selected client employees. This can be achieved by collaborating on the practical aspects of the process, deskside support or through the delivery of training.

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Project Support tasks - practical support to one or more projects, including tasks such as risk identification, cost, schedule or NPV risk analysis, risk register initiation or improvement, risk reviews and creating risk management plans. 

Consultancy support - Provision of advice to improve an organisation's project risk management capability, including its process design, process application, its use of risk management tools and the means of using these tools for efficient and effective reporting.

Governance support - Support to senior managers with project governance roles, providing advice on how to differentiate between good and poor risk information, how to prioritise process improvements, and how to optimise project strategy decisions.

Customer friend - Support to a client with one or more significant project contractor, providing advice on the capability of the contractor's risk management process and the validity of the contractor's assurances and forecasts. Advice can also be provided on contract design, with a view to optimising risk sharing arrangements or the transfer of risk to contractors.

Training - Design and delivery of risk management training to groups of client employees. Training courses are tailored to the client's tools and environment with practical sessions based around real or mock-up projects.  Separate training courses or briefing sessions can also be tailored to senior management staff who need to be able to understand and challenge reports.