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The company's purpose is to provide high capability risk management support to clients with major projects. You can see examples of our services.

In addition, this web site is designed to help users improve their own project risk management capability. Users are welcome to the download pdf risk management Capability Guidance Sheets and papers and to read other material to be found under the Resources tab.

The web site also provides the details of a book The Project Risk Maturity Model - measuring and improving risk management capability. This book includes a disc with a well-proven model that enables the user to perform risk mangement capability maturity assessments on their own projects. A pdf leaflet can be downloaded that includes a price reduction code that can be used when ordering from the publisher, Gower.

Risk Management Capability Ltd also maintains a web site dedicated to Net Present Value (NPV) modelling and NPV Risk Modelling for projects at www.projectnpv.com.

Risk Management Capabilty Ltd. is owned by Martin Hopkinson

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