Risk Management Capability Guidance Sheets

Please feel free to download any of the pdf format guidance sheets from the list below - these sheets can be reproduced, and circulated. As per our terms of use, please respect the copyright by not copying extracts or altering the sheets in any way.

  1. Three Approaches to Risk Management - are you using the best combination for your project?
  2. Risk Identification - 12 different techniques and a generic prompt list
  3. Risk Descriptions - a recommended approach appropriate to both risk registers and risk modelling
  4. Three-point Estimates - things you should know when using Triangular and Beta Pert probability distributions
  5. Pre- and Post-mitigation Estimates - what these terms mean and the pros and cons of using the approach
  6. Net Present Value (NPV) Risk Analysis - why NPV risk modelling can be such a powerful technique
  7. Schedule Risk Analysis - benefits and pitfalls of Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis
  8. Cost Risk Analysis - Issues involved in developing rational and realistic cost risk models
  9. Budgeting for Project Risk -  purposes and ownership of Risk Reserve and Management contingency
  10. Risk Ownership - why your process should identify both the personal and commercial ownership of risks
  11. Linking Risk to Contract Management - why and how risk management should influence contracts
  12. Risk Registers and Databases - guidance on what to consider when choosing fields to include in a risk register
  13. Risk Decomposition (Parent - Child Risks) - why, when and how to decompose risks or to group them into composites
  14. Probability - Impact Matrix (PIM) - things you need to know when using this common technique
  15. Risk Classification Criteria Table - how to define risk probability and impact criteria when using a PIM